Lazy F Ranch

September 1, 2018
10 a.m. • Bullard, TX

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We are honored that you are considering The Lazy F Ranch for your cattle needs.

When considering the Lazy F Ranch animals for your operation, these fundamentals may help in your determination. We don’t pull calves at the ranch. We manage our calving ease as well as our feed programs in the last months of pregnancies to keep birthing safe. All artificial insemination, embryo transplant, or live cover is done with calving ease bulls. Our birth weights are actual and done with electronic scales. They are weighed twice to ensure accuracy.

Our cattle have the efficient gains needed to maximize the return on investment for any type of operation. Feed lots, sale barns, or personal herd improvements are all environments where the Lazy F Ranch cattle give operators the best returns for their hard earned cash. A constant chasing and management of $F, $W, $G, and $B help us to stay ahead of the market. We use these EPD predictors to be leaders in the Black Angus world not followers.

Reputation is the only factor for longevity in business. The Lazy F Ranch understands this and appreciates the importance behind a quality reputation. Transparence and honesty is the key to a good reputation. The Lazy F Ranch stands behind anything it sells and any statement it makes. We cannot survive selling someone one animal, we need to sell them all of their animals. Only with trust can that be accomplished. For more information about our property and mission, read our About page.