About Us

Parents want the absolute best for their children. From the food that they put into their bodies to the work ethic that they learn to carry them into life. That is why the Lazy F Ranch was formed just south of Tyler Texas. Lance Fenton began the acquisition of land with these principle beliefs in mind, leave the earth better than when you found it and help mankind. The Lazy F Ranch has been developing its land holdings and providing world changing genetics from day one. With the hopes that Lance’s two children may follow in the business, or at least the hopes they would enter society with the ethics they’d learned on the ranch, no shortcuts are taken or tolerated. God and family come first at the Lazy F Ranch.

The ranch stretches across many fertile acres of East Texas soil. With natural spring water for the cattle to freely drink, we believe water quality is as important as feed quality. From the coastal on the hills to the clovers in the bottom, lush vegetation is plenty. We retain many large hard wood trees to provide ample shade for the cattle. Cubes are provided three times a week during the summer and minerals are always available for the animals. We do not put anything into our animals that we wouldn’t want to be served on our dinner tables.

Again this ranch revolves around building work ethic in children. Docility of our herd is imperative to keeping cattle and people safe. The cattle on the ranch are breed for docility and are managed in a stress free manner. We believe this helps their safety, gains, overall health, and their longevity. A calm cow seems to be a better cow.